Our Mission

"We exist to help students experience life change because of Jesus one step at a time."

6 Life Change Goals

In The context Of

3 Core Relaitonships

We want our students to Believe in Jesus Christ. That he was fully man and fully God and That he rose again on the Third day.
We Want all of our Students to Become Like Christ as they strive draw Closer to God.

We want our students to belong to the church and feel that the church is a place that they can feel safe.
We want the students to Build Up the church by serving with in the church.

We want our students to have a Heart for the World and feel a burden for the lost.
We want our students to have a Defense Against the World and be able to deffend their faith.

we want every student to have a relationship with Christ as christ is the Head of the Church.

We want ever student to belong to the church and build it up. When students feel as though they belong to something they take more ownership of it.

We want the students to have a relationship with the World. We want them to see the how lost the world is and feel sorrow for it. we also want for them to know why they believe what they believe and be able to defend it.

How do we do this?

Partner with parents

Funnel Everything to Small Groups

create engaging Environments

Craft Dynamic teaching

offer mentored Ministry Opportunities

Prioritize the lost

Loving God. Loving The Church. Loving People.

Our Leaders


Kyle Kelley & Becca Kelley

Middle School Pastor & Wife

Kyle has served as the Middle School Pastor for 8 years now. Kyle graduated with his undergrad in musical performance from Alabama and with his Masters in Divinity from New Orleans seminary. Kyle loves play board games and build Lego’s with his 5 year old son. (as well as on his own)

Becca is Kyle’s wife and has served as a Connect Group leader for the past 6 years and is going to continue serving as a member of our welcome team this year. Becca is a 5th Grade teacher and enjoys reading and making fun of Kyle’s love of Board Games and Legos.


Brooke Stone

Girls Ministry Director/ Administrative Assistant

Brooke Graduated from Liberty University with her degree in Church Ministries: with a concentration in Youth Ministries. Before she was on staff she served as a connect group leader for countless years. In her free time she likes to take care of her infant son, Bake gluten free brownies, drink coffee, and Exercise